Venetian Commander
High Commander Atrio
Operation "Sea lion"


Riftforge's playtest is over!

We are now LIVE and after a massive update, everything is running smoothly.

We have transferred and converted playtest experience points (XP) to the LIVE version.

In addition to a headstart in terms of experience, all playtesters get bonus gold as well.

While new players start with 10,000 gold, all playtesters get a bonus: between 10,000 and... 200,000 for the most active ones. Read more »

Windows tablet (Acer Iconia W5)
Test device:
Acer Iconia (Windows 8)

An update on our quest for an excellent experience on all tablet devices.

Courtesy of Microsoft, we received an Acer Iconia W5 with Windows 8.

Not familiar with Iconia tablets?

They are on par with Microsoft's own Surface. You can run tablet-optimized apps but you can also run all your Windows desktop applications as well. You attach the keyboard, you hit Desktop and you have a regular notebook computer.

We tested Riftforge mission gameplay in both modes. Read more »

New missions and campaign

Riftforge is now gearing up for official launch!

With only a few weeks left to playtest, you have limited time to put a few levels between you and all the new guys that will be signing up.

That's right! We'll be transferring the combined XP earned throughout the playtest to the new version. Read more »

New Ranger artwork

Are you racing for launch?

You can now add an additional archetype. Or two!

It's up to you to choose the next addition to your House: Ranger, Raider, or Guardian.

Don't worry about the launch transfer as we'll combine the XP across all three archetypes.

Play whichever you like best! Read more »

New Sisterhood enemies

The operation versus Caldaria is picking up speed.

High House Sima has received much needed reinforcements from some of the other houses.

More importantly, the three Orders have also expressed their interest in Caldaria.

The Mercantile Guild in particular has sent envoys to the independent Entrussar villages in search of allies and merchandize.

Sisterhood stikes back

Both Rhalley and Syrran enemies place great emphasis on their female troopers. The Sisterhood are out there to prove no one outdoes them when it comes to cat fights.

Check out the new, beefed up version of the infamous Painkillers. Read more »

New enemies: Rhalley and Syrran

House Sima has done it again!

With the help of their patrons from House Oshiro, they've expanded the patrol grid, effectively doubling the number of patrol locations.

It is not like they had much of a choice. The Sima-led campaign invasion has been threatened on both flanks by new enemies.

The first reports about the new enemies came through on December 21. It's probably not a coincidence, since it's the Winter Solstice (and the shortest day of the year).

New enemies: Rhalley vs Syrran

At least for now, the new enemies doesn't appear to be coordinating attacks with the Caldarians. Read more »