Riftforge is an online fantasy role-playing game with turn-based tactical combat.

Please read through the game guide to get acquainted with character classes and the game world. The guide will be expanded as the game development progresses, so make sure you subscribe to our news feed.

Character classes

Assassins: Online RPG gameWhen you join Riftforge, you will have a choice between the three branches of the Riftforge military:

Guardians - protection, melee damage
Raiders - stealth, burst melee damage
Rangers - ranged & area of effect damage

Each branch comes with its own unique commanders and units, with customizable skills, specializations, and equipment:

Triad doctrine - tactical roles for each class

Game world

The game world’s central location is the Riftforge, a hub structure that seemingly exists out of space and time. The first Rift tower is close to the immense landmass of Manirak, a frozen continent. It is home to dozens of warring tribes, city-states, and two empires fighting for supremacy.

Frontline Manirak - battle across 81 areas in nine warzones
Bearspine - area info classified, check back soon

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