Manirak Ice Shelf: Online RPG
Manirak Ice Shelf
Northeast of Rift base

Manirak is the ice continent accessed through the first Rift. In fact, the opening of the Manirak Rift marks the beginning of the Riftforge calendar.

The first Riftforge explorers found an empty, barren continent. Their survival depended on provisions looted from enemy camps.

In time, the Riftforge became reliant on Manirak resources for their daily survival. Even drinking water comes from ice transported from Manirak.

Manirak skirmishes

The Southern coast of Manirak is a place of constants strife. Huge glaciers meet the ocean and result in monstrous icebergs with numerous crevices and caves. Add a dozen archipelagos and you get one continuous battlefield on which the sun never sets.

When you undertake a skirmish mission, your troops are transported straight to the heart of the action, be it a floating ice cave system or a frigid island. The objectives are usually pretty straightforward too - search and destroy every enemy group.

Floating Ice Caves - Blue Bay

Manirak campaigns

Campaigns contain multiple missions intended to accomplish a single strategic goal, usually the subjugation of a whole region. Unlike skirmishes, a campaign requires you to revisit the campaign area until all primary objectives of a campaign are completed.

All campaigns follow the swarming and pulsing strategy. In practical terms, this means your troops will have to cooperate with those of other commanders to achieve the strategic and tactical objectives.

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