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Captain Galheen: Online RPG
Captain Galheen, Ranger Training

Often described as glass cannons, the Rangers sacrifice speed and armor protection for more firepower.

As a Ranger commander, you can expect the following special missions: ambushes, sabotage, sniping (i.e. assassination), fire strikes, as well as a variety of demolition missions.

Continue your briefing on Ranger skills and tactics, Ranger history, and Captain Galheen, in charge of Ranger training.

Ranger briefing

Being a Ranger requires deep understanding of your enemies. Anticipating enemy movements allows you to set up deadly ambushes or saturate choke points with fire.

Each Ranger squadron under your command consists of six teams:

  • Ranger commander - a leader with unique tactical skills
  • Ranger core teams - highly-trained marksmen
  • Grenadiers (Ranger special teams) - expert in explosives and incendiaries
Ranger team - Classified: Online RPG
Classified Rangers, check back soon

At the core of your Ranger squadron is the commander. Signature tactical skills include Observer, Barrage, and Luck runs out.

Your commander and her troopers can choose between offensive and defensive tactical skills. Additional training is available to improve the overall effectiveness of elite Ranger teams.

More archetypes

Guardians - protection, melee damage
Raiders - stealth, burst melee damage

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