Gutripper and Executioner: Online RPG
Gutripper (left) and Executioner (right)

The elite Assassins form a rigid order where secrecy, deception, and stealth are taken to the extreme and beyond.

The adverse weather conditions on Manirak allow these assassins to remain concealed until they are ready to strike. Often, the mark is “terminated with extreme prejudice” in mere seconds.

Not all elite assassins take pride in this deadly efficiency. Some are more image-conscious than others, so they insist on being referred to as “operatives”. As long as military planners make sure each operation contains plenty of blood and gore, the difference between assassins and operatives remains very, very subtle.


A rather unlikely candidate for an elite assassination battalion, these women started out as kitchen help in the Raider barracks. Their unusual enthusiasm for blood and guts, however, quickly ensured that they were moved to active duty.


The Executioners are a ragtag group composed of prison guards from the various wings of the Riftforge dungeon. They call themselves executioners but in reality they have never executed a criminal. No food or water for a week and their prisoners die from "natural" causes.

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how to start this game

how to start this game