Dambuster and Firesmith: Online RPG
Dambuster (left) and Firesmith (right)
These elite Grenadiers form the last and oftentimes the only defense for key strategic objectives. Their ability to cause carnage on a massive scale serves as an effective deterrent against even the most dogged and determined of enemies. None of the elite grenadiers complains, when every so often an especially bold (and stupid) enemy commander sends his troops in a full frontal assault. The “fireworks” can be seen for miles, so the message remains painfully clear.


The Dambusters nickname is an impressive feat of imagination as dams are nowhere to be seen on Manirak. Veteran Rangers claim it comes from the sheer amount of explosives that are "lost" every mission. Riftforge's Master of the Armory is the only one that finds that joke not funny.


One might think that singed hair and eyebrows are part of the uniform of this particular unit. Admittedly, some firesmiths have gone the extra mile and shaved their heads clean. In their minds, there's nothing worse than your hair catching fire at the wrong moment. Except maybe losing one's eyebrow pencil.
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