Marauders and Warhounds: Online RPG game
Marauder (left) and Warhound (right)

The taming of the agile and ferocious rock lions has given rise to a new force within Riftforge – elite cavalry.

The lion mounts are bred for speed and speed alone and the elite Raiders get first pick from the best animals.

The Raiders sacrifice armor for speed. Even their precious mounts have no barding. The Raiders rely on common sense: β€œThe best protection is not to be where the enemy wants you to be.”


The Marauders are often praised for their exceptional riding skill. What is often forgiven (and forgotten) is that the Marauders have seen little need to pay for their outstanding mounts. While the foot soldiers are pillaging the enemy camp, they are rounding up all the spare mounts. Who needs loot that cannot transport itself?


Like a pack of stray dogs, the Warhounds are extremely territorial. Their battalion headquarters are separated from the rest of the Raiders with an improvised wooden palisade. Many have returned with a bloody nose trying to peek over it. Rumors abound that rather than bury bones, they have stashed a mountain of contraband goods.

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