Flying Eighty-Eights: Riftforge online
The Flying Eighty-Eights,
Elite Ranger Detachment

The first couple of ballistae have been captured, dismantled, and hauled all the way from a forward Caldarian outpost.

Once Ranger command got word of it, they immediately requisitioned them to include a ballista-training course in the Rangers’ curriculum at Mistral Isle.

Taking full advantage of the increased range and armor penetration of the ballistae, the first operational battalion distinguished itself again and again. They earned their nickname during the defensive operations in grid 88, Riftforge’s home turf.

Veteran rangers, however, tell a different story. The battalion’s nickname while training was the “Lying 88s” – a tribute to their impossibly high hit scores on the marksmanship tests. Not content with a lowly 88% hit rate, several ballista teams had the audacity to report a hit score of 300%, claiming the projectile passed through several target dummies.

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"Flying 88's" sounds suspiciously like "Flak 88" or more specifically, the devastating
Flugabwehrkanone 88 used to devastating effect by the Wehrmacht army during world war 2. I'm not sure if this resemblance is intentional or not, but I certaintly hope they can be used to wreak the same level of havok.

This looks like it might go far.....

This looks like it could eventually make it to the level of runescape.



Hope it goes to our spam

Hope it goes to our spam inbox, because my facebook masses over my emails.

Wait for the game!

Currently, we are running a “private” playtest and although the game is playable, it’s neither very stable, nor balanced. In other words, we still have a TON of work to do.

In a few weeks, we’ll re-assess the state of the game and if it’s stable enough, we’ll start inviting playtesters.

Just wait a few weeks........

Release Date

When is it going to be release man!?! Any screenshots of the game, I mean I don't want to play it if it's like other crappy browser game..


cool i am looking to help riftforge and the game looks very fun and very enjoyable and i reckon i will like this game so i would love to be a play tester :)


This might be one of the major game sin the future.

so when will we be able to

so when will we be able to play?


just another way to build a spam data base.


the game clearly states it has not started yet and players will be contacted when it does,sit tight and wait and hopefully its worth it :)

Be patient

The game didn't start yet, they are still doing something out there. after they'll release playable beta we'll can login and play. This game looks nice, I hope it's worth waiting ^_^


i no i wnt to play it so badly


same here the game looks awesome and cant wait till it comes out

How to play

Anybody knows how to play this game??


its not out yet

how do this game works

?how you can play this game

the game isnt finished yet

wait for the game to come out mybe try read the top

how does this game work

how does this game work

nice one

your game is very nice i like and love it so so much

How do i start the game? :)

How do i start the game? :)


not out yet


How do you start the game?


not out yet


Is this game online or in preparation ? I don't find anything on this website where i can play ...anything. Is this a joke ?


there making final tweeks and things with the game i think


Is this game online or in preparation ? I don't find anything on this website where i can play ...anything. Is this a joke ?


still making stuff

its in beta but i clicked

its in beta but i clicked like but i havnt got beta yet

yea, all the present tense

yea, all the present tense talk in their press releases is misleading.


i hope its worth the wait looks interesting