Assassins: Online RPG gameSimilar to most strategy games, the effectiveness of a Riftforge commander is measured by how effectively starting resources are converted to special resources.

The starting resource for each archetype bears a different name but it works out similarly to mana in other RPGs. It starts full and is depleted when skills are used.

The special resource, on the other hand, starts very low and it is accumulated as a result of actions – both by the commander and his opponent.

Major and minor boosts

When an archetype fulfils its role, it receives a boost to its special resource. There are two types of boost: major and minor. During the playtest, the major is five times more powerful than the minor one.

Guardian role: tank, excellent defensive stats and skills
Minor Fury – Guardian getting hit
Major Fury – Guardian blocking 2 hits in 1 turn

Ranger role – ranged DPS, excellent offensive skills
Minor Blaze – Ranger damaging a unit
Major Blaze – Ranger damages 3 units in 1 turn

Raider role – melee DPS, excellent DOTs and burst damage
Minor Agony – Poison causes damage
Major Agony – Poison kills an enemy

Combat Implications

Minor boosts are more or less within the player’s control while “major” boosts usually result from an enemy’s error of judgment. If you want to become a better commander, there are three events that you need to avoid:

Vs Guardian – Avoid hitting a Guardian when his Shield Block skill is on. Good Guardian players will wait till a Guardian unit is low on health and only then use its Shield Block to lure you.

Vs Ranger – Scatter your units to avoid being hit by AOE. A good Ranger commander will wait till she has enough power for two or more AOEs. If your units are close together, this can result in 4 major boosts to Blaze in one turn. Not only will you suffer the AOE damage but also you will enable the Ranger to finish you off quickly with the added Blaze points.

Vs Raider – Some units have higher poison resistance, use them when facing a Raider. Another option to avoid losing a unit to poison is to use antidote or heal. Finally, an extreme option is to be extra aggressive with your poisoned unit, so your enemy is forced to kill it – be it with regular damage or multiple poison procs.

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Oh dear

Please tell me you're still revising these tactics...
You HAVE to scatter your units whilst facing rangers?
I certaintly hope your combat mechanics make up for this, because in many RTS games scattering your units is something you do when you have a death wish, and if I'm correct guardians need to GROUP together to form their own lethal shield walls. Besides scattered units can be further divided then crushed with ease. Telling players to break their forces up into smaller groups is insanity: small staggered groups can just be overwhelmed by concentrated fire.
Also about fighting Raiders...
There are specific units and abilities which can cancel out the raiders' poison? Isn't that kind of ridiculous? Prove me wrong, but in most strategy games if you can counter the one major strength about your opponent then you've essentially beaten them.
I certaintly hope the guardians get something more than just a bulky, easily outmanouvered defensive line that can just be dodged and damaged until it breaks. I certaintly hope these strategies are revised, or a third element I haven't thought of is introduced, or the odds of this game going anywhere is pretty bleak.

P.S.In b4 the delayed release rage!

@Machofish Don't worry about


Don't worry about the Guardians being "just a bulky, easily outmanouvered defensive line". They are both very fast (Chargers with charge activated) and can utilize skills like Lasso + Slow to bring the enemy to them (core Guardians).

hi :)

where i can find the play link ?(Ty)