Riftstalker: Online RPG
Riftstalker Bonedemon and minion

The vast majority of known Riftstalkers are extremely aggressive psychopomps.

OK, what’s a Psychopomps?

Psychopomp means “soul conductor”. Among its many powers is the ability to search for lost souls, find them and guide them home. Not all psychopomps are benevolent and Riftstalkers definitely fall into this second, extremely-dangerous variety.

Riftforge is a unique structure that creates a temporary path between dimensions. The path goes through the barren space that exists between the dimensions.

In true Lovecraftian tradition, ancient cosmic horrors lie in this space. Passing through it, Riftforge commanders can surprise the numerically-superior indigenous Manirak forces. The downside is that Riftstalkers lurk in this no man’s land, looking for passing souls.

Superstitious troopers swear that gold, platinum, and precious artefacts serve as a beacon for these creatures. Indeed, those who have embarked on pillaging on a massive scale are only rarely seen again. They could have been discovered by Riftstalkers on their way back. Or much more likely, they have perished fighting the vengeful kinsmen of their numerous victims.

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I look forward to beating up/getting beat up by these guys.
This game looks like it's coming along nicely: keep it up!


ok so for every1 who reads this u now know that they r getting close to being ready so dont post anything on this place moning that its not ready plz ty


I love to play MMO with my free time. Sent its new i can become one of the first high level character. ^_^

I'd like to try this! So this

I'd like to try this! So this game isn't released yet, i just skimmed through the article, but when is the release date?

He look nasty

I wonder if we can have a way to show which kind of demons we have defeated in our career as a commander.

so then i take it ur getting there

i take ir ur getting closer to the game being ready guys so gl and keep us informed thanks