Raider Commander
Commander Darrush,
Raider battalion commander

Riftforge force recon patrols have just returned with Caldarian blood on their hands.

Caldaria is a powerful city-state to the east of Rift Isle, famous for its sturdy infantry troops. Their discipline and tenacity is unmatched in all of Icecrest Bay.

It is really unfortunate but hardly surprising that Riftforge's first patrols into the area were not welcomed with open arms by the Caldarian legionaries.

As you will see in the sneak peak video, the Caldarians are pretty tough. What they lack in toughness, they compensate with cunning, thanks to our new artificial intelligence code!

Encounter: Caldarian Outpost

After the first encounter, Riftforge troops are better prepared for the challenges of hand-to-hand combat with the walrus-like inhabitants of Caldaria.

Caldarian Patrol

However, this hasn't changed the Caldarians' utter contempt for Riftforge troops. Note that this is a loose translation provided by a few Caldarian prisoners of war.

Note: To start your first patrol with a guaranteed encounter with Caldarian troops, go to our Playtest and click the Patrols page!

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