Charger Commander
Commander Cruz
Charger battalion commander

We are very excited about the first type of PvE missions: the patrol.

So what's a patrol mission?

Patrols allow you to earn gold and experience points while you sleep!

When you send a patrol out, this doesn't interfere with your regular gameplay. You can participate in any type of battle thanks to Riftforge's Rift.

More importantly, patrols help Riftforge Operations command to map out the frozen continent of Manirak and plan the upcoming Invasion of Icecrest.

Patrol Rewards and Battles

The dangers that lie beyond Rift Isle increase exponentially. So as your patrols reach farther and farther, you can expect encounters with hostile tribes, factions, or states.

Recent intelligence has confirmed that pickets of Caldarian troops are on high alert. The Caldarian war machine is highly-respected among nomads and traders, which makes us believe that that bloody skirmishes are inevitable.

Patrol encounters

Starting with next month, you will experience actual patrol encounters - battles vs AI. We are working on new PvE maps, PvE enemies, and of course, new PvE loot!

Riftforge: New PvE missions: Patrols


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