Raider Commander
Commander Izumi to welcome newcomers

On behalf of the whole Riftforge team (all four and two-thirds of us), we wish you an incredible holiday season.

One reason WHY you might find this particular season incredible is that Riftforge Playtest is now OPEN!

Come join us at our Playtest server by typing "ROME" in the passcode field.

Hurry up! Only a few hundred "Romes" will be admitted to the Playtest before the code expires.

There are no tutorials, no cut scenes, and certainly no hand-holding. Expect to lose your first games to players, who have played two or three battles more than you.

You will get your revenge at level 3, when you first get access to a "max army", i.e. an army of red veterans with all skills and equipment upgraded to the max!

We urge you to spend your starting gold wisely. We recommend you recruit one green veteran unit of each type (i.e. one special, one core). This will give you access to green-level skills.

The rest of the gold is best spent on better equipment. However, if you are a Raider, you should definitely forgo equipment in order to recruit another green assassin, because these guys are super SNEAKY!

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Yes! YES!

Mr. Bison is the best person ever to describe my emotions regarding this news.
I'll see you all online, folks!