Bodybuilding: Riftforge online
Bodybuilding is now available!
(Race restrictions may apply)

Playtesting has confirmed something game designers have feared all along:

Traditional RPG professions like mining, blacksmithing, armorcrafting, etc. are often as repetitive and boring as a real job!

Effective immediately, all Riftforge professions are superseded by hobbies. If you have any questions about the implications for your particular profession, please refer to your Guildmaster.

Conversion Guide

  • Gathering professions now become Outdoor recreation;
  • Metalworking becomes Scale modeling;
  • Alchemy becomes Performance arts;

Players who are not entirely happy with the conversion will be given a choice between two additional hobbies: fishing and cooking.

Note: Hobbies first appeared on April 1, 2010 as an April's Fool joke. Ironically, some of these "mock" hobbies do sound a lot more interesting than the ones we have in mind!


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I agree!

Crafting in every RPG is boring. Standing around clicking buttons, wasting supplies that took hours of time investment to gather, all to just raise crafting skills a few points. It's not fun at all.

P.S. When does testing for Riftforge begin? :-)

Hobbies ^-^

That's so awesome! It's true that some professions are rather boring
The fact that we can have hobbies make the game so much more promising

btw if I can get my character to look like the guy on the pic, that would be EPIC