Riftforge's technical lead has created a bot. No, it will not help you farm missions with its advanced AI.

And despite its name, KidBot, it will not take care of your kids, while you mindlessly farm missions with your advanced NI (natural intelligence).

It will, however, teach your kids to program games. How cool is that?

A room. Toys all over. A robot under your command. Few commands, endless possibilities. Move around. Gather the toys. Get to the basket.

Kidbot uses a unique programming model, both powerful and intuitive. Instructions, conditions and jumps build on a familiar analogy with jigsaw puzzles, where the form of the piece indicates where it can fit.

The game lets kids and even teenagers gain understanding of the basic concepts behind coding and robot building: instruction sequencing, identifying common patterns as separate procedures, conditional execution, loops, recursion, and more.

You can get it from the AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

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