Berserker Commander
Commander Halldor
Berserker battalion commander


Finally, you get six new units to add to the six existing one.

We are introducing these units at the elite (red) level, so they come with all five skills.

You can recruit them immediately, without a level requirement.

Also, to make that first hire easier, we'll be introducing these units at a special, limited-time only price.

So hurry up and recruit them while they are 50% off!

New Riftforge elite units

New units by archetype

Each new unit will bring a new unique signature skill (a.k.a. ultimate) to your repertoire. For example, the Wolverines pictured below are trained to use the flask of coldfire to deadly effect. Coldfire Torment will ignite and chill an enemy unit at the same time, with the only relief being the embrace of death.

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