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Commander Cruz
Charger battalion commander

We have just added a brand new campaign.

It's called "Inside the circus" and features 7 missions with "new" enemies.

Some of them, only a few have seen; others have NEVER be seen before.

Here's the premise:

The attack walruses overrun the southern flank of Riftforge's advance. They are supported by some nasty gladiators as sidekicks. Stop the attack and prevent encirclement!

NEW MECHANIC: This campaign is available as a "complete" mission pack, i.e. a mission pack that contains every mission from the campaign.

How do you get the campaign?

Purchase any Unlock pack now. You will get two of your regular mission packs replaced with the special campaign one in purple. The process is not automated yet, so we'll contact you after purchase.

Some of you have already purchased the PLAYTESTER PRO pack. You get the new campaign for FREE!

Also, those of you who have purchased any other unlock pack and you still have at least one credit left, you'll be able to claim the new campaign pack for the nominal price of one (mission pack).

Campaign rewards

Support RiftforgeRemember that by purchasing new content via an Unlock pack, you help create new content. The obvious examples are the very attack walruses and new gladiators you see above.

More importantly, every unit we give out as reward means we have to commission a commander portrait and pixel artwork. Thanks for your support!

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