New Sisterhood enemies

The operation versus Caldaria is picking up speed.

High House Sima has received much needed reinforcements from some of the other houses.

More importantly, the three Orders have also expressed their interest in Caldaria.

The Mercantile Guild in particular has sent envoys to the independent Entrussar villages in search of allies and merchandize.

Sisterhood stikes back

Both Rhalley and Syrran enemies place great emphasis on their female troopers. The Sisterhood are out there to prove no one outdoes them when it comes to cat fights.

Check out the new, beefed up version of the infamous Painkillers.

Sisterhood's new enemies

New missions and campaigns

The new missions feature plenty of new objectives: buried treasures, mysterious altars, ballista batteries, and more.

The new campaigns are short and sweet: half are just three missions, the other half are four. There are no easy (common) missions though. It's all uncommon and rare missions. We'll add the more casual missions later.

new missions

The point here is simple: we need your help with the more elaborate missions.

Let us know if you find them too difficult (or too easy)!

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