Choose your enemies: Rhalley and Syrran

Happy New 2014!

Santa Claus was here!

Everyone who played around Christmas got either gold or mission packs as a present from Santa.

YOUR PRESENT: You can get the exclusive and complete Christmas campaign by installing a Riftforge app in Chrome. It also comes free with any unlock package you get.

What's new: unlock any mission

Due to popular demand, we have added the ability the unlock any mission you are currently missing.

Look at a campaign you'd like to complete and hover over a missing mission (in red). Click on it and you'll be presented with two options: unlock with (Rift) credits or gold. Now go and play it!

Honor and reputation items

We are working on new rewards for those of you who have plenty of Honor or Reputation.

The Arena (Honor) rewards will offer some serious punch but also add more defensive characteristics like mitigation, resilience, and raw health.

The Rep rewards will focus on improving your performance in missions. They'll add different offensive stats like haste, critical, hit, expertise.

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