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So what's assassination mode? If you are in the playtest, you know the current battle mode is called elimination.

You have to eliminate all enemy units in order to win.

We have just introduced several changes to spice up the battles.

First off, we have a new scoring system that is more flexible than the previous rules for elimination.

Winning Butcher Bay, for example, now requires only 400 points (4 kills), instead of the previous 6 kills.

This means games are quicker, and hopefully, there will be less surrenders!

@Riftforge: New Assassination mode

New assassination mode
It assigns one VIP unit more importance than the others. If you kill a VIP unit on Lavapool, you get 400 points. You only need one additional kill to reach the winning score of 500 points.

New and improved rewards
The revamped system awards XP and gold depending on your score. It also factors in how hotly contested the game was. That way the most fun games are also the most rewarding!

Alternative wins
Apart from being more fun, assassinations allow for changes in strategy. You can successfully use your VIP as bait (more easily if Guardian), while you kill the pursuing units and win that way.

New class items added

The new class items will improve all units that previously lacked secondary equipment. The prices of the new items are more affordable than armor.

Speaking of affordable, we have reduced the price of core units (Wreckers, Marauders, and Ravagers) by 33%! It's a limited-time experiment, so don't delay getting your green veteran for 20k!

Charms: add haste for more attacks (Assassins)
Helmets: add more vision range (Chargers)
Capes: add fire, cold and poison resistance
Arrows: add attack range (Rangers)
Earrings: add endurance for higher regen (Raiders)

New class items

Rank House Crimson Tide
1 Revan
2 Enneagon
3 Chorcheus
4 ThreeDonkeys
5 ShadowStream
6 Polll
7 Kometa
8 Quadronid
9 Thorkeimada
10 Machofish
11 Alira
12 James34
13 Temp1e
14 Tandemarcher
15 Va'Syth
16 Metalosul
17 Tank
18 Reticulid
19 Shaper
20 Biza

Riftforge Community News

Monthly TOP 20
We have compiled our fist list of the TOP 20 players. This time it is based solely on level (XP) but we plan to create a more dynamic top list that includes factors like the win/loss ratio.

Crimson Tide medal
Houses that made the TOP 20 list will all get a unique item, Crimson Tide (medal). It can be given to ANY unit and it will improve the unit's hit rating so much that this unit will never again miss in combat.

The medal is worth 500,000 gold, so if you don't like it, you can sell it for cash.

Cheating and hacking
We are very determined to ensure a fair game. We are issuing our first reward - 50,000 gold to House Enneagon for reporting a way to swap items on the equipment page.

This now has been fixed. If you report a way that gives a player unfair advantage, you will be rewarded too.

Assassination feedback
We are currently experimenting with the new assassination mode. If you want to test it, play on Lavapool or Bloodbath but remember that right now only one in five games starts with an assassination mission.

Once you've played at least one, make sure you post your battle report on the forum! We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions!


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