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With over 50 skills, Riftforge offers a unique RPG experience.

Fans of MMORPGs will quickly recognize most skill effects.

Pen-and-paper roleplayers will soon find that classic D&D effects like entangled or asleep have been preserved in their original form, even if the names are a bit different.

Without further ado, the 30+ skill effects that add tactical depth to Riftforge's gameplay.

Direct damage and DOTs

Direct damage effects are part of many skills, even some that could be considered pure Utility - like the Charger's Reveal.

Remember that each type of damage can be reduced significantly by adding armor (physical damage) or resistance (elemental damage).


- Causes physical damage, reduced by armor


- Causes cold damage, reduced by cold resistance


- Causes fire damage, reduced by fire resistance


- Causes poison damage, reduced by poison resistance


- Causes fire damage to cavalry units


- Causes cold damage to infantry units


Buffs are effects that improve one of the target unit's battle stats. Note that buff and debuffs can both be active at the same time.

For example, your Charger will be accelerated, when you activate Charge. On the next turn, however, the Charger is slowed down with a Barrage from a Ranger. The result is that the Charger is still faster than normal but not by much.


- Increases the unit's movement points


- Increases the unit's block


- Increases the unit's dodge


- Increases the unit's attack range


- Increases the unit's critical chance


- Increases the unit's sight range


- Transfers damage to shields


- Increases the unit's damage


- Increases the unit's skill penetration


- Increased chance for extra attacks


- Increases the unit's expertise


- Reduces damage to the unit (doesn't stack)


Debuffs are effects that reduce one of the target unit's battle stats. Only several stats can be reduced via debuffs, but since debuffs are fully stackable, it is possible to end up with a unit with so many slowed effects that it cannot move at all.


- Reduced the unit's sight range


- Reduces the unit's armor mitigation


- Reduces the unit's movement points


- Reduces the unit's damage


- Increases damage taken by the unit (doesn't stack)

Crowd control

Crowd control effects disable the target unit in some way. Your unit might find it impossible to move (immobilized) or perform any actions (dazed and stunned).

There is an important difference between a daze and a stun, that is worth noting. The dazed effect breaks easily on damage, so it's best to to deliver all damage to a unit before you daze it.

Stun works in the exactly opposite way - any damage to the unit has a chance to refresh the duration of the stunned effect, thus putting the unit in "stunlock" indefinitely. Use both to your advantage.


- Unit cannot perform actions, chance to break on damage


- Unit cannot move


- Unit cannot perform actions, chance to extend on damage


- Removes all effects from unit (including beneficial)


- Removes all damage effects (DOTs)


- Removes all debuffs (blinded, slowed, etc)


- Removes all control effects (dazed, stunned, etc)

Opportunity actions

There is a separate class of effects that result in attacks during your opponents turn. It is important to time this effects correctly, if you want to get the maximum benefit from their activation.

For example, the Ranger's Ambush skill bestows the Ranger with extended range and enables the autoattack effect. Most players would use this skill defensively, when they anticipate that an enemy unit will enter their range in the next turn. However, if your enemy doesn't attack you (or just moves invisible assassins in range), your Ambush skill would be wasted.

Autoattack works just as well as an offensive skill. When you have an enemy unit that is low on health, your opponent will be tempted to move it out of you range on his turn. Pop Ambush and watch his unit die from an arrow in the back.

Conversely, if you expect a Ranger ambush, activate whatever defensive skills you have at your disposal (blocking, dodging, protected, or shielded effects) on one of your units and use it to draw the Ranger's first salvo.


- Automatically attack enemies in range


- Automatically counter-attack enemies


- Automatically ripostes after a dodge


The effects in this section are different from the damage or control effects. Often, they are unique to a single type of unit or in some cases, unique to a single unit. For example, bloodlust is currently used only by the elite Bloodhounds.

On the other hand, the assassin class is the only one with access to hide (hidden effect), while the Charger class is the only one with access to a dedicated hide-removal skill in the form of Reveal. All others need to rely on area-of-effect spells that damage everyone in the area. Rangers can use Incinerate and Fireball; Raiders can use Gas Grenade and Steel Rain.


- Heals the units


- Unit moves in stealth, until it takes an action


- Unit is revealed and cannot hide again


- Unit is visible on the map, unless it has hidden effect


- Dying will spread all beneficial effects to all allies


- Poisoning an enemy spreads it to all enemy units


- Killing a unit extends damage-increasing effects


- Killing a unit steals all the beneficial effects


The effects in this section pertain to different game modes and are not part of the unit skills. VIPs will appear from time to time in most game modes. Depending on the mode, they will have different effects. In Elimination mode, VIPs are the main target which turns the mode into Assassination.


- Identifies a VIP unit


- Unit capturing a node (Domination mode)


- Identifies a flag carrier (Intimidation mode)


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What class has VIP as a skill?


Well, it's nice of you to finally tell us exectly what we'll be up against now.
I can't help but feel as if the raiders are kind of out-classed here, Ambush always works on enemies in range, auto-counter is also pretty easy to activate. But Riposte only activates when my soldier DODGES. That means if the enemy misses their attack due to other stats, my Green Marauder still won't counter.