Online RPG Riftforge's troops: Charger
Red Impaler, the highest level
of Charger veterancy

During the playtest, you will be able to improve your troops. Commander upgrades happen automatically, while trooper upgrades require you to visit Riftforge barracks in order to hire veteran troops.

Commander progress

The playtest takes you through 30 levels of experience. Every ten levels, your commander will be automatically upgraded. At level thirty, your commander will be upgraded automatically to the maximum commander veterancy.

Troop progress

All troops have three, easily distinguishable levels of veterancy. For ease of reference during playtesting, we have dubbed them: GREEN, BLUE, and RED.
Online RPG Riftforge's troops progression

When you first start, all your troops are "rookies" but you are able to immediately start hiring GREEN core troops. Advancing through the 30 levels of the playtest, you will end up with a squadron of RED veterans.

Veterancy skills

When you hire a veteran unit, you get a buffed up version of the trooper. However, the newly acquired veterancy skills are more important than the stats improvements.

The skill progression is similar to DOTA games. You have a quick skill, power skill, utility skill, and of course, ultimate skill.

There is also a fifth skill called "counter" skill. It will serve as a hard counter against certain enemy troops. For example, RED Guardians get access to Lasso, a skill that counters enemy mounted troops (i.e. cavalry).


- Pulls a single mounted enemy closer

Lasso allows Guardians to stop Raiders' hit-and-run tactics as well as prevent Grenadiers' kiting tricks.

At the rookie level, your troops only get two skills: the quick skill and the power skill. Thankfully, progression is pretty swift and upgrading to GREEN is cheap, so you will not be limited to two skills for more than a few games. GREEN troopers receive their Utility skill and BLUE troopers get the Ultimate skill. Finally, REDs receive the special counter skill.

Important: RED Commanders receive an additional, sixth skill. It converts tactical advantage (i.e. tactical points) into the primary resource (i.e. mana points).

There are close to 50 unique skills, so check out the skills of your favorite archetype: Guardian skills, Raider skills, and Ranger skills.

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Red units

Is there any chance to start direct with red units?
Are there any packages or other subscription forms?

Remember Shogun 2

I know it seems that I've been finding every single little problem and making it seem like a big thing, but let me clarify things for myself: IF you reach level 30, then ALL of your troops are promoted to "red" status? This seems like a formula that'll be a problem for new players. (almost) Everyone who's a Hardcore Strategy Fan knows of the Total War series, their most recent installment "Shogun: Total War 2" included an "Avatar's Campaign" multiplayer system that allowed long-time players to keep and develop units who proved themselves in battle. This resulted in long time players obliterating new players with their elite veteran squads, regardless of any actual tactics.
Of course I might be completely arse-backwards about all of this- you haven't clarified if a "squadron" just covers a small division of the force you command- or if a "squadron" refers to all of the soldiers under your command.
Again, I probably have my head entirely up my arse about this, however in terms of programming it appears that Riftforge is coming along nicely.

P.S. I swear to god if I hear one more "It hasn't come out yet" complaint I will have to track someone down and personally break their fingers so they can't send another complaint.

response to above

it hasn't come out yet



The automatic upgrades concern just the commander. If you want to see it in military terms, he is promoted based on his performance.

The squad however is recruited and equipped individually. So you need to buy troops with the gold that win from battles.

Basically, you can upgrade either troops or equipment every 3-4 levels.