Online RPG Riftforge's troops: Charger
Red Impaler, the highest level
of Charger veterancy

Riftforge Operations Command is giving away a ton of gold, so come and join the Playtest!

When it comes to the gold, you must check our new tutorial system. It pays a total of 6,000 gold for completing the four tutorial missions.

Basic tutorial - 1500 gold
In this first tutorial, the forces of evil are manifested in some old barrels that the Riftforge quartermaster has decided to part with. Carpenters have been hired to make a few target dummies as well.

Guardian Tutorial - 1500 gold
This will be the first encounter with real units, albeit a bit dimwitted. They are under strict orders not to attack, unless as a retaliation.

Raider Tutorial - 1500 gold
The Raiders in this tutorial are nothing to be feared. The Assassins are not allowed to hide and strike from stealth, so surprises will be minimal.

Ranger Tutorial - 1500 gold
The Ranger battle might feel anti-climatic but that's because the Rangers are out of ammunitions. They are sure to receive supplies soon, so hurry up!

Player Profiles

We have updated the website, so now you are able to see the active squad of any player. Usually, you want to do that after a battle to inspect not only the troops but their equipment as well.

You can also check out the squads of the Top 20 Houses that appear to the right! House Enneagon already sports a brand new Red Ravager. The real interesting bit of info is that high-level Raiders have recruited four Marauders and skipped the second Assassins!


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Why must you tell people about the 4 marauders!