Raider Commander
Commander Izumi
Raider battalion commander

Up to now, any battle you have played on the multiplayer Arena has resulted in gold and Honor rewards.

Starting today, you will be able to engage in ranked battles.

This basically means that player skill will be the only determinant of player rank, considering everyone plays with max army at the new multiplayer Arena.

How does ranking work?

If you have played ladder games or chess, you will find our ranking instantly familiar.

In fact, it works in EXACTLY the same way as chess ranking, because you are using the same ELO rating system: all players start with 1400 points. If you win, you gain a certain amount of points, based on the difference between your opponent's points and yours own points. Your opponent loses the same amount.

In essence, this will allow us to make a TOP player listing based on skill (i.e. multiplayer ladder). Also, when you play a ranked game, you will be matched automatically with someone that is close to your skill level (whenever there are more than a few people waiting for a game).

Note: To start a ranked battle, you need to finish all four Arena tutorials.

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