Rift Isle

Rift Isle: Online RPG game
Sea caves on Rift Isle

Rift Isle is located in the south most portion of Warzone Icecrest (grid 88), surrounded by treacherous ice floes.

New commanders are first sent to undergo training in one of the three training camps. Each camp is situated on an island controlled by Riftforge forces.

Mistral Isle

Named after the chilling northwest wind, the isle serves as a base of operations for commanders in the West. Sixth Shock Regiment has been dislocated to the isle in an effort to minimize casualties sustained by the Ranger Survival School.

An often overlooked fact is that a significant portion of ranger casualties result from the minefields covering the island, the very minefields laid by Sixth Regiment in order to protect the training camp.

Sentinel Isle

All Guardian troops undergo their training on Sentinel Isle. The Second Heavy Regiment is tasked with the protection of the isle and its immediate surroundings. The flat terrain allows massed infantry formations, while the solidly frozen ground is ideal for heavy cavalry charges.

Most casualties occur during the final phase of training. “Mock” charges that actually hit their mark are the number one contributor.

Corsair Isle

Recently “liberated” by forward elements of the First Light Regiment, Corsair isle is significantly larger than the other islands in Riftforge’s zone of control. Honeycombed with caves, the island still functions as a hideout for pirates preying on caravans to Caldaria.

Never to waste a good opportunity, Raider command has set up an ad hoc training course for Assassins. The final exam takes place in a random, pirate-infested cave. Survivors get a graduation party, the rest fail the course.

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