Rift Isle: Online RPG game
Sea caves on Rift Isle

The defense of Rift Isle has put extra demands on Riftforge’s stretched forces.

From Mistral Isle in the west to Corsair Isle in the east, the Icecrest map has been dotted with skirmishes proving that rookie commanders and the recruits at their disposal are insufficiently trained to carry out even the simplest missions.

Riftforge military has been reformed and the council of the three branches (Guardians, Raiders, Rangers) has been superseded by a centralized operations command, abbreviated to ROCom.

In the coming days, the new command will announce its first operation. It will test commander and troop readiness in several war game scenarios.

Commanders with high tactical scores will be rewarded with access to superior equipment as well as exclusive recruitment from Riftforge's special battalions, including elite assassins, grenadiers, and chargers!

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