Unique Riftforge map
Unique Riftforge map:
Icecrest Bay (summer)


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You can now purchase extra mission packs with real money via Paypal.

A single mission costs between 6 and 7 cents with these two amazing deals.

That's not all!

With either deal, you will also get a special Riftforge map as a free gift. Best of all, all money goes to the prize pool, i.e. it goes back to you!

Special deal

Free gift details: aged and distressed Icecrest Bay

It's inspired by Thorin's treasure map, sold by WETA for $199.

The only difference is that Thorin's map is drawn by a calligrapher, while Riftforge is hand-drawn by a Master cartographer: Robert Altbauer, a.k.a. Sapiento.
It uses the same premium rough paper - 100% cotton, without pressing.

The distressing and aging is done with inks and pigments, entirely by hand.

Special deal

The first 50 maps will also feature an exclusive *spoiler* location, unique to your map!

Why are we giving away a map that's worth $199?

It's our way to thank you for supporting us. Not just now by purchasing a pack but also over the last 18 months. We've considered tshirts, mousepads, posters. We decided on this map as something unqiue and personal. Also, being a limited edition, it is bound to rise in value!

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