Sisterhood Reavers: Online RPG
Sisterhood troops: Reavers

The quintessential "people" person, every Sister specializes in the subtle (bribery, intimidation) and not so subtle (extortion, kidnapping, murder) art of persuasion.

The Sannah priesthood goes through ten ritual promotions. With each ritual, the priestess loses a finger through exposure to the cold. Unlike the more public Guild and Templars, Sisters take precautions to hide their rank by wearing gloves at all times.

Only sisters of the lowest five ranks make their way into Manirak on errands. Rumor has it the current Mother Superior has achieved the highest rank only recently, which very nearly precipitated a crisis of confidence within the organization.

Missions given by the Sisterhood:

  • Blood tax missions- forceful recruitment of acolytes
  • Ransom missions - abduction of natives is a major source of income
  • End bloodline missions - hunt down all members of a native House
  • Intimidation missions - secure cooperation from native chiefs

Lore note: Sannah (a.k.a. Sedna) is a major Inuit sea goddess, who lives in the Underworld. Sannah is depicted with her arms covered with tattoos and her fingers cut off.

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Inuit Lore

For those who want to learn more about Sedna, the myth is that she was being thrown off a fishing boat, but she held on to the side with such strength that the sailors cut her fingers off and threw her into the freezing arctic ocean. Her severed fingers became the several animals of the sea, and Sedna herself became an ocean goddess and vengefully destroyed the sailors. The funny thing abuot this myth is that her middle finger became the Polar Bear, which stands straight to make it's presence known to intruders

When does the game start ?

is the game ready to play ? if not then when will it be.


Yeah i have the same question. is the game ready?