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Riftforge's playtest is over!

We are now LIVE and after a massive update, everything is running smoothly.

We have transferred and converted playtest experience points (XP) to the LIVE version.

In addition to a headstart in terms of experience, all playtesters get bonus gold as well.

While new players start with 10,000 gold, all playtesters get a bonus: between 10,000 and... 200,000 for the most active ones.

NEW: Heroic troops, monsters, and rewards

New Riftforge content

We've made tons of new and exciting additions to Riftforge. Here's the short version:

  • Heroic units that are powerful and collectible (i.e. limited editions)
  • New races fielding dozens of new unit types
  • Bosses and monstrosities will try to scare you off
  • Terrain skills let you use mines, barricades, caltrops, and more
  • Seventeen campaigns that add some truly epic rewards
  • 100+ missions and more on the way
  • Six multiplayer modes with more battlegrounds too
  • Interactive terrain will allow you to destroy rocks, etc.
  • Advanced training will now boost all your base stats
  • Tutorials provide you with basic and advanced tactical training
  • Regular story updates in the form of new campaigns

Wait, that's not all!

There will be trophies, rewards, and stories to tell... in Season One!

Soon we'll be announcing more details about Riftforge's first Season. At the end of the season, there will be trophies and rewards for the top players: PvE and PvP.

Get ready to be blown away. Seriously, we've got something super special for you.

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