Riftforge is an innovative browser-based MMORPG with deep, tactical combat.

Tactical combat

AssassinsYou control between one and three troops, depending on the mission type. You can customize various aspects of your commanders and their units in terms of specialization and equipment.

Each battle is decided based on your skill at tactical combat, including your chosen specialization, the troop deployment, your effective countering of enemy attacks, and finally your ability to overwhelm the enemy quickly and with minimum casualties. Read more »

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Captain Singore
Captain Singore, Raider Training

Riftforge is an online fantasy role-playing game with a novel approach to tactical combat that adds a significant element of player skill.

You are in control of a House (e.g. House Dread). Each House fields multiple commanders and their troops into combat. Some combat missions will require a single commander and his or her troops. Others will require two or more commanders and up to twenty units. Read more »