Charger Commander
Commander Cruz
Charger battalion commander

We have just added a brand new campaign.

It's called "Inside the circus" and features 7 missions with "new" enemies.

Some of them, only a few have seen; others have NEVER be seen before.

Here's the premise:

The attack walruses overrun the southern flank of Riftforge's advance. They are supported by some nasty gladiators as sidekicks. Stop the attack and prevent encirclement! Read more »

Attack walrus: Goretusk
Attack walrus: Goretusk
Quick reaction force


New enemies: Caldarians unleash the beasts!

Since we already have Houses at level 30, we get question about max-level skills. Questions like these: "I have Lasso/Scorcher, what do I do with it?". Read more »

Unique Riftforge map
Unique Riftforge map:
Icecrest Bay (summer)


That's right!

We are ready to show you the Unlock page.

You can now purchase extra mission packs with real money via Paypal.

A single mission costs between 6 and 7 cents with these two amazing deals.

That's not all!

With either deal, you will also get a special Riftforge map as a free gift. Best of all, all money goes to the prize pool, i.e. it goes back to you! Read more »

Venetian Commander
High Commander Atrio
Operation "Sea lion"


Riftforge's playtest is over!

We are now LIVE and after a massive update, everything is running smoothly.

We have transferred and converted playtest experience points (XP) to the LIVE version.

In addition to a headstart in terms of experience, all playtesters get bonus gold as well.

While new players start with 10,000 gold, all playtesters get a bonus: between 10,000 and... 200,000 for the most active ones. Read more »

We have discussed professions and crafting systems several times on the Riftforge Forum. Sometimes humorously, sometimes for real.
One approach – made almost default by World of Warcraft – is the so-called split between gathering and crafting professions. It is very similar to most other MMO’s.

We'll examine this approach and contrast it with a resource management game like Miramagia. Read more »

Windows tablet (Acer Iconia W5)
Test device:
Acer Iconia (Windows 8)

An update on our quest for an excellent experience on all tablet devices.

Courtesy of Microsoft, we received an Acer Iconia W5 with Windows 8.

Not familiar with Iconia tablets?

They are on par with Microsoft's own Surface. You can run tablet-optimized apps but you can also run all your Windows desktop applications as well. You attach the keyboard, you hit Desktop and you have a regular notebook computer.

We tested Riftforge mission gameplay in both modes. Read more »