Bloodhounds and Nightrunners: Riftforge online
Bloodhound (left) and Nightrunner (right)

Recruits new to the Rangers have tremendous respect for these veterans because all drill sergeants come from the elite battalions. It is no surprise that the Ranger indoctrination program has a higher mortality rate than most combat missions.

Another testament to the Rangers' survival skills, the elite Ranger battalions are the only Riftforge formations with troopers over the age of forty.

Captain Galheen often jokes that he is sending them to certain death, in order to make sure he is the oldest Ranger on record. Read more »

Shieldmaidens and Ironbreakers: Online RPG
Shieldmaiden (left) and Ironbreaker (right)

Veterans from a dozen battles, these elite foot soldiers have the best equipment money can buy.

Much of the training is done in "wall" formations, so the Guardians are firm believers that discipline is often the best defense.

The camaraderie in the elite battalions is very high. These veterans have been fighting shoulder to shoulder for years. Read more »

In traditional MMORPGs, healers are often the class that is most sought after by groups of all sizes. Damage dealers are always plentiful and tanks... well, you only need one or two.

The good news is that you’ll find that ALL three Riftforge archetypes are essential, so no matter which one you choose, you’ll never be sitting by the sideline. Your skills as a player alone will determine how many invites you'll receive, not your class choice. Read more »

Continuing with the all important questions that you keep sending:

Where's the Mage class?! I always play a mage.

Your inner Gandalf will not be disappointed. The mage is often described as a Nuker (ranged damage dealer), some even go so far as to call it a glass cannon (or a softie).

One good look at the Rangers and you’ll discover they play very much like a mage. Or rather, like a band of mad warlocks. Read more »

Several of you have asked us to...

Describe Riftforge in terms of genre

Riftforge is a squad-level, tactical MMORPG (technically, it's a PBBG). You’ll discover that the combat is a modern take on such classics as X-Com, Fallout, Jagged Alliance on the PC and the various Japanese tactical RPGs for consoles.

In terms of character progression, you’ll find many parallels to traditional RPG game systems like Neverwinter Nights). Skill and talent trees will also be familiar to you, if you've played Blizzard's Diablo series or World of Warcraft. Read more »

Manirak Ice Shelf: Online RPG game
Manirak Ice Shelf
Northeast of Rift base

Manirak is the ice continent accessed through the first Rift. In fact, the opening of the Manirak Rift marks the beginning of the Riftforge calendar.

The first Riftforge explorers found an empty, barren land. Their survival depended on provisions looted from enemy camps.

In time, the Riftforge became reliant on Manirak resources for their daily survival. Even drinking water comes from ice transported from Manirak. Read more »